Style Recycle: Gingham

If you haven’t noticed, gingham is back, and is taking over Instagram feeds left, right and centre. Now if you are like me and are a bit strapped for cash at the mo, it’s not always possible to feed your shopping addition, and it can be tortuuure when all your fave stores are producing dreamy summer styles. But good news, the cyclical nature of fashion means that trends tend to reappear every few years or so. And luckily for me, this meant that with a bit of rummaging through my wardrobe, I came across a top that I’ve had for probably about four years now. And yes, that top was gingham – ta dah!

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This got me thinking, and I decided to create a post showing how you can restyle old clothes to make a fresh, 2017-worthy outfit. I consulted the clothing inventory inside my head and decided on two trends to pair with the gingham; a complementary denim and a touch-of-feminine frill.

Photo 04-07-2017, 14 05 49

Photo 04-07-2017, 15 08 34a

The denim skirt has served me well over the past year and a half (ish), and you can’t really go wrong with this wardrobe staple. With my upper half, I decided to layer two tops because a) the gingham was actually cropped and IΒ didn’t feel like showing midriff (which can sometimes feel inappropriate), and b) I felt like it needed a little something extra to tie the outfit together. The second top is a white, floaty, ribbed piece that pleats at the bottom, again, something I’ve had for at least three years. When layered, the gingham top pulled the white top in underneath, causing the exposed bottom section to ruffle into a relaxed peplum shape around the waist – a style which is all over high street brands’ summer collections. The bright white also stands out nicely against the dark blue denim.

Below I’ve also included images of just the white top and denim skirt, which also makes a cute, simple summer outfit. Please excuse the state of my shoes, I mistakenly wore them on a night out in Manchester and they haven’t been the same since – *cry*.

Photo 03-07-2017, 02 53 31 Β IMG_0993Β  Photo 03-07-2017, 22 19 15


Finally, I threw on my vintage Wrangler denim jacket (one of the best purchases I ever made, back in 2015) because I couldn’t resist a touch of double denim. TIP: don’t overdo it, nobody wants to see 2001 Britney and Justin denim vibes.

Photo 03-07-2017, 02 49 01

Photo 04-07-2017, 16 18 54.jpg

Photo 04-07-2017, 16 21 22.jpg

So there you have it, a brand new outfit pieced together with items I already owned, but that look like they would currently be hanging in a high street store. So guys, look at your old items differently and pair them with things you probably would never have thought to. Who knows what you may find in your wardrobe crying out for a second chance?

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