Hello there! I’m Pru and I’m twenty three. My hobbies include: writing, taking pictures of the sky, obsessing over fashion trends, analysing my dreams, and eating a lot of American pancakes – *drools*.

So, I’m new to this whole blogging thing, but it’s something I have felt passionate about doing for a while. For me, it will be a creative space, somewhere I can write, share stories, give advice and connect with other people.Β You may notice words that begin with the letter ‘P’ cropping up here and there. This was a joke that started back at uni, when my housemates started calling me Pizza Pru because, well, I ate it alllll the time. This quickly caught on and soon I had many different names depending on my mood or the situation. Some examples include: Party Pru, Positive Pru, Poor Pru, Practical Pru, and Peckish Pru. I also often simply get called P, so I thought it only right to sneak the letter into the blog somewhere.

Whether I’m reviewing a trip I’ve been on, sharing my outfits, writing lists, or just blogging about the life and thoughts of a girl with a strange name, I’m very happy you’re here. Why don’t you say hello?



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